Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ice Cream Failure #1

I don't know where I went wrong - it could have been anything, really. The
recipe seemed solid, I
thought the bowl was properly frozen, I thought Mike had measured the ingredients carefully, I thought the custard was thick enough, I thought I had chilled it sufficiently, etc...

And yet: no ice cream. Delicious, rich lemony soup, yes. Rich, refreshing lemon ice cream, no. I let it churn about 30 minutes extra, and still nothing. I left it in the freezer over night, where it firmed up into an ice-crystally granita-type of a substance. Should I put it back into the ice-cream maker to churn it again now that it is semifrozen? Or am I better off trying another recipe and calling the lemon soup a loss?

My current enthusiasm for homemade ice cream knows no bounds. I have decided to start a new batch, this time classic vanilla, from a reputable source (the hugely inspirational David Lebovitz's favorite Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe). Wish me luck!

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