Monday, January 25, 2010

Candied Bacon Ice Cream

One of my very favorite co-workers had his last shift last night, and so he and the rest of the guys in the kitchen came over for some beers after the restaurant closed. My mom wanted to know what I was serving, and let me know that having a bunch of adults over for drinks without offering them edible sustenance was trashier behaviour than my advanced years allowed. I already had a nice dinner planned for Mike and I (chicken roasted with lemons, potatoes with green onions, dilled carrots, pan gravy), plus I had already cooked all day at work, and so didn't particularly feel like figuring anything else out.

So I made ice cream. Figured it was appropriate, since I had inherited my ice-cream maker from my outgoing co-worker.

Candied bacon ice cream, to be precise. With butterscotch sauce.

The ice cream was incredible: a brown sugar & whiskey custard ice cream with just a hint of cinnamon- I don't love cinnamon, but did think that a bit of the spicy would be nice, so I reduced the already miniscule amount called for by half. I tossed in the chopped up crisp, brown-sugar slicked bacon at the last minute (after removing a couple of portions for some vegetarian guests), and the results were heavenly. Rich and smooth, with interestingly toothsome bits of sweet/smokey candy, with a salty finish. A winner, I think.

And there's really no way of arguing with butterscotch sauce, made with brown sugar, corn syrup, heavy cream, butter and blended scotch. It really complemented the ice cream, and I think I could eat this combination all day, every day.

I wouldn't, of course, given how strenuously I seem to object to going back to the gym, but definitely, in an alternate universe, I could.


  1. Sounds kinda weird yet divine. Your imagination intrigues me woman.
    PS...grad students accept free food donations. Just sayin'

  2. The butterscotch sauce sounds great. Will it go with strawberry ice cream?