Friday, May 14, 2010

Sodium Intake and Hypertension

Today is a day off.

Hungry for lunch, I came to the unpleasant realization that I have more kinds of salt in my kitchen than actual foodstuffs. These are the kinds:

Regular iodized table salt (mostly Mike uses it to over-season his food).
Kosher salt (for cooking).
Sea salt (for salting water for boiling pasta or blanching vegetables).
Fleur de sel (for garnishing, and for salting sweets, like Dulce de Leche).
Sour salt (for making Bubby Mona's Halishkes, a sweet and sour cabbage and meatball dish).
Smoked salt (mostly for Latin American food, but also some roasts).
Pink Himalayan salt (er... pink is my favorite colour?).
Coarse pickling salt (I make pickles in the summer).
Coarse gray Brittany sea salt (a really complex, minerally flavour. Also, I used to wash my hair with it).

Pathological, right?
At least I'm not hoarding shoes.


  1. what did you end up having for lunch?

  2. Where is the epsom salt?

  3. The epsom salts are in the bathroom, not the kitchen!