Monday, July 12, 2010

All work and no play....

....makes for dull home cooking.

I have been working a zillion hours a week, in a kitchen that feels like the surface of the sun. Which has been amazing- I'm learning tons, but I have been somewhat less than inspired to cook when I get home. I'm still really feeling frozen treats, and until I can come up with something interesting and blog-worthy to prepare at home, please see the following list of delicious ice creams, gelatos and granitas I have been working on, by way of proof that I'm still trying:

Zabaglione gelato (lemon and marsala flavoured, inspired by the traditional Italian egg white froth)

Fresh strawberry ice cream (spiked with cherry brandy)

Strawberry-rhubarb granita

Mascarpone gelato (served with fresh strawberries in lemon syrup)

Fresh mint-stracciatella ice cream (mint-chocolate ice cream is totally different when the mint flavour is real, and the colour is not neon green)

Cantaloupe granita (this one was a winner. Waiting until the cantaloup was a shade past ripe gave it a really full and bloomy mouth-feel)

My goal for the week: cook something at home that I can write to y'all about.

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  1. Fresh strawberry ice cream (spiked with cherry brandy)sure sounds great to me.